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Customer Reviews

Finally, something new in this area. I’ve been wanting to check out the whole poke craze for a while but didn’t have anywhere nearby.

This is a great place to get a light meal and enjoy sushi at a reasonable price. The owners and employees were very nice and kept checking on us to make sure we enjoyed everything.

Jennifer D, Marlboro

Finally, a sushi burrito place in central NJ. Great place with super friendly workers. They took the time to explain our questions about the menu and let us sample the toppings. Highly recommend the Japanese nachos! Each nacho had its own scoop of spicy tuna, topped with sauce and scallions. Next time I’d like to try their Korean nachos! The titan signature roll was excellent. They also have ramen here! The pricing of this place is slightly higher than other places I’ve been to though so just expect to pay a little more. The place was very clean and I also noticed the staff took extra care working behind the counter. Overall, great experience and I highly recommend.

Karen K, North Brunswick

Went to place for lunch. Already basically knew what we wanted. First ordered the Japanese nachos which were amazeballs. We could’ve eaten an entire plate of them. Also ordered the pork buns which were delicious and fresh. I ordered the sunshine burrito and we also ordered the titan but with spicy mayo. They were so delicious and fresh. Not too much rice and fish was yummy. I can’t wait to go back. They also have burrito bowls, burritos, salad bowls and ramen. They have special ones already made up or you can create your own. The service was quick and friendly. I want to try the Korean nachos next time and a create your burrito next time. Definitely worth a check in. It is located on rt. 9 in yet another strip mall but don’t let that fool you definitely great fresh food. Not hard to spend alot in there bc you just want to try everything.

Tara M, Monroe

Excellent quality Hawaiian style Poke bowls (pronounced Po-kay) with your choice of ingredients, veggies, sauces and spices. Their sushi burritos are really good too. They use very high-quality cuts of tuna and especially salmon. You can tell when salmon has lots of thin white stripes of healthy fat, that is loaded with Omega 3s.

All the ingredients are assembled right in front of you, and they will customize their dishes to your exact tastes.

Their edamame (soy beans in their pods, pronounced Ed a Mommy) are salted and spiced just right, and were actually the best I have had.

The owners are very friendly, and appreciative of your business. They aim to please, and even gave us some complimentary mochi (Japanese ice cream balls in bean paste, pronounced Mo-chee).

Take a break from the usual, and try this place. They are open for lunch as well as dinner, and they offer free delivery to the nearby towns.

Eat something that’s both good and good for you.

Jeff P, Colts Neck

While the Poke (Po-kay) craze has been under way in other parts of the country for the last year or two. This is currently the only Poke place in Central New Jersey. If hankering for some Poke, the trip to Yuzu Kitchen is worth the drive for a meal that includes healthy and fresh ingredients.

The customizable burritos/bowls are great to create a personalized meal for the varied palette. For about $9 bucks, you get the option of a base (protein), 4 fillings, 4 toppings, and choice of sauce to complete your meal. Personally, I like the bowls which provide a more filling and complete meal than the burrito. Although, they have the same price point, the burritos just aren’t as full of ingredients as the bowl.

If the undertaking of creating your own Poke meal is a bit much, they also offer signature selections with all the ingredients pre-chosen.

Leena S, Princeton

The poke bowls and ramen noodles are great, but DEF get the Japanese nachos! It’s a party in your mouth- just bursting with flavor. Everything tastes fresh! A great addition in the neighborhood!

Julia A, Englishtown